How to Bring Your Wood Flooring Back to Life

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Don’t you just love the homey feeling that the hardwood flooring in your living room brings? Wood gives off a certain warmth that’s both comfortable and inviting. No wonder you and your family love hanging out in the living room for hours. But after years of having endured use and abuse brought about by foot traffic, moving furniture, spills and scratches, you’ve noticed that it has lost its luster. The floor that once shone and gleamed now looks dull and worn. What should you do then?

Wood flooring needs some TLC!

The versatile hardwood flooring has a charm all on its own but it needs more care. Before lamenting why you decided on a wooden floor instead of one that’s easier to maintain, remember that the time and effort you spent on wood floor care will be worth it.

Helfpul tips for wood flooring

If your floor is scratched but you love the color to stay the same, you can give it a screen and a recoat. This process involves using a buffer to scuff up the surface and smoothen it. The abrasive action will allow a new polyurethane coating to be applied and quickly absorbed. The polyurethane will protect the floor and give it a shiny, new look.

One thing to keep in mind is that screening is not recommended for waxed floors. In this case, you need the services of a professional who can wax and polish your floor with a buffing machine. He should be able to tell you what kind of finish your floor has.

What if your floor is too scratched and damaged that waxing and screening just won’t cut it? You can consider doing a repaint. Before repainting, you need to make sure that the surface is free from any type of sealant or wax; hence, a little scuffing up is required.  A floor that’s made of solid hardwood can be sanded many times but this is not the case for engineered flooring. To be sure, you might need to have the thickness of your floor assessed by an expert before sanding it.

If the wood flooring contractor’s verdict is that your floor is too thin for sanding, your only option then would be to get your artistic juices flowing and practice some creative concealment. Rugs, for instance, are an inexpensive way to hide floor scratches and stains, and they will add ambiance to your space as well. You can then add accent pieces that work with the color and pattern of the rug. With such eye-catching décor, no one will notice the flaws on your floor.

Another good suggestion is to use carpet tiles, which are more flexible and practical to install than carpets and will introduce a contemporary feel to the room. Carpet tiles may cost more than a rug but you will be able to cut and trim them to the size you want. Plus, they are easy to dismantle than carpets and you will be able to take them with you in case you decide to move from your home.

A reminder if you’re installing laminate wood flooring instead of genuine wood flooring…

Laminate wood flooring is built for durability and can withstand normal foot traffic. But it would be advisable to keep your pet’s nails trimmed to avoid scratches on the floor. And never tread on the floor when your footwear has spikes in them. Also, remember that this type of flooring doesn’t take well to moisture. In those times when you need a wet mop to clean up, be sure to dry the floor immediately.

But if you’ve scratched the surface of the laminate wood flooring, here’s a quick remedy:

Nothing beats the appeal of the smooth surface of a wooden floor. By giving your floor the care it needs, your home will be more livable and lovable for years and years.

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