The Benefits You Get with Antique Wood Flooring

The versatility of hardwood floors is unbeatable. They are suitable for any type of design whether traditional or contemporary, and lend elegance and comfort that no other type of flooring can provide. And they’re durable too. If given proper care, the wooden floor boards in your home can last for years and years.

Most people these days have modern wood flooring installed in their homes; but there is another option available for homeowners – antique wood flooring. These floor boards are made from older wood species, resulting in flooring that’s functional and appealing at the same time.

Alternatively, there are distressed hardwood floors that are deliberately crafted to make them look old. Artisans use different implements and techniques to give a floor a certain character. Antique wood flooring can also come from reclaimed floor boards from old barns and factories.

Benefits of antique wood floors

You may be wondering what sense there is in installing flooring that is old or looks old when there are so many attractive and modern styles to choose from. Besides, antique floor boards are not as easy to find and cost more. There is a reason why some still choose antique flooring in their homes. This is because this kind of floor has its benefits.

They are unique

Antique wood floors have an old-world charm and beauty that modern wood can’t replicate. Because of its age, they feature natural patterns and colors that cannot be manufactured.

They also provide a sense of history with their various markings and holes that each tells its own story. While modern flooring may look fresh, shiny and new like other floors of the same kind, antique floors are one of a kind.

They are durable

Being crafted from trees that are old, antique floors are more structurally sound and provide solid surface underfoot. Some flooring manufacturers even use long-forgotten tree logs from swamps and combines them with new wood, making engineered boards that are thicker than most.

When choosing flooring, one important consideration is durability. No homeowner would want to replace flooring only after a few years of use. Floor replacement is an expensive home improvement project since you have to pay for having the existing floor removed, buying new flooring, having it installed, sanding, finishing and cutting the boards to fit the space.

With proper maintenance, durable antique floors can last 20 years or so before needing refinishing. Plus, they can be sanded and refinished as many as seven times in their lifetime.

They are eco-friendly

When you have antique wood flooring installed, you’re helping the environment. You are practicing the environmentalists’ mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Because old floor boards are used, no new trees were cut to make them. What manufacturers do with old floors is to re-purpose and refinish them to highlight their look and appeal. So you make your home more attractive and doing your part in preserving the environment at the same time.

Antique wood flooring does cost more but the extra investment you make in having antique wood flooring will be worth it. You will have quality flooring underfoot – one that is sturdy, durable, and have a unique character that no other home will possess.

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