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It is said that the mark of a truly elegant interior design is in the subtle and tasteful way of combining the traditional with the modern. What better way to do this than use parquet flooring in your home? Parquet, which became extremely popular in 17th century, never fails to provide that old-world charm in any space. With the unique patterns that can achieve with parquet tiles, there is room for you to get more creative with your décor.

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Parquet flooring has its benefits

It has a timeless quality. Here’s an interesting bit of information: the parquet flooring that was laid in the Palace of Versailles in France during the 1600’s is still very much admired until now. This is how timeless and durable it is. Today, you can still see parquet being used in many homes and even in museums.

It matches with any color palette. Flooring always affects the overall feel of any space. The various patterns created by parquet can provide a foundation that you can build your décor on, whatever your desired styles and colors are. Other than preference, there are also other considerations in choosing the style of parquet flooring. For instance, when deciding between dark and light colored floor tiles, you will have to think about the overall appearance of your home and decor, furniture you use, the kind of ambiance you want to achieve, the presence of pets, or how much time you want to spend for tidying up and maintenance.

It works well with rugs. You can certainly accessorize with rugs. A patterned rug will create an interesting contrast in patterns and shapes while the richness of a plain one will stand out against the geometry of a parquet floor. The video below will help you choose a rug for your parquet floor.

It adds texture and depth. Modern minimalist styles can appear very clinical and impersonal. Adding parquet tiles underfoot will transform it into a warmer, more inviting space.

It can delineate space, wall-free. When you have a large expanse of space and you want to define specific areas with different functions, you need not do this with walls. Instead, you can use parquet flooring to create borders.

What parquet flooring pattern should you use?

Parquet comes in different patterns. Two of the oldest and most commonly used ones are chevron and herringbone. Chevron looks like arrowheads arranged one after the other and can make narrow spaces appear wider. It can make your entrance way more welcoming. One of its main advantages is the ability to work well with both light and dark wood tones. Lighter-colored tiles provide a fresh and fashionable vibe while darker hues give off a warmer ambience. Its V-shaped pattern also pairs well with minimalist and industrial-style interiors.

Herringbone, as the name implies, resembles the bones of a fish. It is a classic pattern and depending on how you use it, can make a space elegant or eclectic when you match it with a combination of rustic, traditional and contemporary components in your décor. When laid in the more common 90-degree angle, it will make a space appear more structured and formal.

Thanks to new manufacturing technology, there are now a wide variety of styles to choose from. They come in various colors as well, depending on the species of wood used. Aside from the two already mentioned, you can find parquet pattern in:

  • Mansion weave – the non-directional patter makes it suitable for irregularly shaped rooms.
  • Biscuit – shaped like a biscuit with rounded edges, in contrast to the more common angled ones. This pattern will be perfect for you if you want a room to look more unconventional.
  • Hexagonal – use this shape if you want the floor to create visual impact. You can even create interesting patterns underfoot by playing with different textures and colors of wood.
  • Basket weave – one of the most impressive patterns in parquetry and is usually installed in more formal settings like the dining room. You can choose to have a single color of wood but a combination of different colors can add more character and uniqueness to a space. The tiles can be arranged diagonally or parallel to a wall, depending on the style you want.
  • Brick – when installed, the tiles will look like brickwork. Although this might seem like a very simple pattern, the beauty of brick parquet lies in its versatility. It can be used to create borders around a room and because of its straightforward shape, you can even used it in combination with another type of parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring does take more time and effort to install than the plain floor boards that you see in most homes. But if you want your home to be as expressive and creative as you are, the use of parquet tiles in a couple of spaces can spell a lot of difference. And if you really know how to work with them, art in your home won’t only be found hanging on walls; it’s also underfoot.

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