Choose Cabinets to Fit Your Kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. Don’t you have wonderful childhood memories of your mom busily cooking over a stove and chopping vegetables on the countertop when she was preparing delicious meals for the family? Now, you’re creating exactly the same memories for your kids in your very own kitchen.

Aesthetics and functionality are equally important

In contrast to a bedroom, the kitchen is not a quiet and peaceful place. It’s full of activity, wonderful aromas and different textures – a space created for cooking and living. And because of this, it has to be functional. So, how do you maximize the kitchen’s functionality? By putting in the right kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets are not solely for storing things. In fact, they can make or break or break the functionality and style of one of the most used spaces in your home. They can spell the difference of having a kitchen that looks organized or cluttered; or having easy access to everything or having to dig through layers of stuff before finding what you need.

Where do you begin in choosing suitable kitchen cabinets?

Like flooring, kitchen cabinets would probably take up a large portion of your budget, whether you’re renovating or constructing a new house. In building the right storage space, there are many things to consider but it would help to focus on some of these issues.

Amount of storage space. How much stuff do you need to store? Can your kitchen accommodate more storage? This is a question that you need to answer first. If you’re remodeling, look around your kitchen. Do you have equipment that you rarely use and prefer keeping inside cabinets? Do you want your countertop to be free so you can have more working space? Depending on your needs, you can decide whether you need floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets, hanging cabinets or base cabinets.

Material and style. Wood remains the most popular choice for American homeowners, although there are other types of materials available like melamine and stainless steel. Cherry wood has a rich, dark finish while mahogany provides a more exotic look. Maple, with its light color and smooth grain, adds a modern flair; in contrast, red oak is more suitable for traditional styles. Bamboo is an excellent choice if you want your kitchen to be eco-friendly.

In choosing material for the cabinets, remember that colors and textures will have an impact on aesthetics. Matching cabinetry and flooring can be tricky. Having both hardwood flooring and cabinets may sound like a good pairing. But then, it’s very difficult to find an identical match in grain and color even when you’re using the same kind of wood. When the variations are obvious, the overall design might not appear as unified as you want it to.

Instead, play with contrasting tones. Pair light with dark and let the design elements lend their own personalities to the space. An expert suggestion is to treat wood like paint colors. Look for similar color undertones, grain patterns, sheen or texture in tying together different types of wood.

Functionality. Depending on the items you want to store, you have to decide on the number and sizes of drawers and shelves you need. Pullout drawers are useful for storing cookware like pots and pans, and extra large drawers would be ideal for baking trays. And don’t forget to designate a cabinet for the trash bin. Frameless cabinets offer more storage space than framed types. For ultra-modern functionality, you can have electronic-assisted cabinetry installed. These cabinets provide hands-free access, allowing you to open and close them with a single tap.

Door style. The cabinet’s door is its façade and is the most visible part. Thus, you have to put careful consideration on how it looks. Make the door style match your kitchen design, be it contemporary of traditional. One thing to remember, though, is that the more intricately designed the doors are, the more effort they require to clean. Naturally, they also cost more than plain ones.

Hardware. Some say cabinet hardware are the jewels of the kitchen. They may be small in size but they have the power to transform your kitchen from boring to exciting and from old to fresh. You can achieve the look you want, whether country, traditional or modern, through the handles, pulls, knobs and hinges that you use with your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Deciding on a suitable storage space for your kitchen can be stressful. It needs careful planning on your part but once you have design and functionality down pat, you’re on your way to owning that kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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