Best Flooring Options in a Home Gym

The year is past is halfway mark; yet, you’ve not made good on your New Year’s resolution to get yourself moving towards a healthier body. What other alternative do you have when you simply don’t have time to go to the gym? Well, why not have a personal gym right inside your home, one that you can use anytime of the day?

The Choice of flooring for your home gym is important

Aside from exercise equipment, one of the more important things you need to decide on is what type of flooring to use in your home gym. What works in other areas of the house may not necessarily work in a room where you will be doing a lot of huffing and puffing. Remember that your gym floor should be able to withstand impact and the weight of heavy equipment as well as drips of sweat. In short, the space must be both functional and safe.

Before selecting a specific type of flooring, though, you must first determine what physical activities you will be doing. Will you be lifting weights? Do you prefer yoga or the more strenuous high-impact cardio training? What fitness equipment will you be putting in? By answering these questions, you can then choose from these recommended flooring options.

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring is suitable only If you intend to use your gym for light exercises. Laminate will give you a smooth, flat and seamless surface to practice your yoga moves. Lifting weights and using heavy fitness machines are no-no’s, however, because laminate flooring easily scratches and cannot be sanded down.

Cork flooring

If you want an eco-friendly gym, you may be partial to cork because this flooring material is biodegradable. One advantage of using cork is that it can absorb some degree of impact and it can certainly take a rigorous workout. But a downside is that it can tear when you drag something heavy across it. If you must use cork, be extra careful when installing your gym equipment.


With its solid surface, hardwood can be a good choice for a home gym. Ideally, have maple wood flooring installed but you have to be willing to spend a little more. Wood is prone to dents and scratches from dropped weights and exercise equipment but you can have the floor restored. However, you probably need to place rugs and mats in strategic areas of your gym floor if you want to minimize damage. 

Your choice of mats will also depend on the type of fitness activities you will be doing.


In the US, carpet is the most common covering for the floor. If you want this popular choice for your gym, have low pile installed rather than the soft, fluffy ones you use in your living room or bedroom. Commercial grade carpet is also recommended because it’s more durable. Better yet, opt for carpet tiles that can easily be installed just by snapping the interlocking edges together. Besides easy installation, carpet tiles absorb sound really well. And when a portion of the carpet gets damaged, you need not replace the entire flooring.

Carpet’s main drawback is that it promotes mold growth when continually stained by sweat. So be sure to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Rubber Mats

For fitness buffs, rubber mats are knows as gym mats. These sheets of rubber, which vary in size and thickness, are great to have underfoot when lifting weights. Mats that are made from recycled rubber can emit an unpleasant odor and can be an issue when your gym is in an enclosed space. In this case, you need to wash the mats regularly and air them outside.


Foam is softer than rubber and provides a good cushion for high-impact activities but it’s not ideal for exercises that consist of stretching on a firm surface. Invest in good quality foam since the cheaper ones easily crumble. For a home gym, a thickness of ½ to ¾ of an inch is best.

You need not have an expensive gym membership to be fit and have a gym-level workout. With a home gym, you can personalize your fitness routine and have the convenience of doing it anytime of the day. And when you have the right equipment and the right flooring to make the gym safe and functional, exercising just might become one of your most favorite times of the day.

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