Smart Ways to Increase Home Value

Recent reports indicate that house prices are on the rise, along with a decline in home sales. High Prices, Low Inventory: How are Home Sales Keeping Up? On Monday, the October RE/MAX National Housing Report released, revealing that September marked the fifth month in 2017 to post a decline in home sales. Additionally, the reported […]

Space Saving Strategies You Should Know

Every homeowner, regardless of the size of the home, has to deal with clutter. There’s no denying that clutter can accumulate quickly. Books, magazines, shoes, clothes, gifts you received, and even the small knick knacks that you buy on impulse – all these can pile up. Of course, this won’t be much of a problem […]

Top Reasons to Decorate with Rugs

How do you go about turning a house into a home? It doesn’t matter what kind of dwelling you call home, whether it’s a large mansion or a cramped apartment. It’s the personal touches you add that truly add comfort and warmth, like dressing up the windows with lacy curtains or giving the wooden flooring […]

Designing a luxurious bedroom

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep in. It’s your private sanctuary, the one space in your home that you can really call your refuge. Therefore, it should reflect your personal taste and style. Sleeping in the lap of luxury is a proposition you wouldn’t refuse. Actually, you can make this a […]

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